Hello everyone, my name is Rafael de Medina. I am happy to have started this blog where I will share with you not only my passion for fashion but also everything from travel tips, adventure to life style in general. 

Fashion, Art and Interior Design have been very close to me ever since I was born. My mother, Naty Abascal, is a model icon from the 60's and 70's. For this reason, I’ve grown up surrounded at home by very relevant fashion designers like Oscar de La Renta, Valentino Garavanni or Carolina Herrera. 

Having studied as a child in High School and University in the USA, I acquired a special liking for Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. In 2002 I came back to Europe where I started to work as a Private Banker for a Swiss bank. By then, the idea of creating my own brand was already beginning to cross my mind. 

Throughout the years I have made constant collaborations as a spokesperson in the fields of luxury fashion, watches, sports and car brands like Jeep, Lexus, Belstaff, Montblanc, Persol, IWC Schaffhausen, Specialized, Assos, etc. At last, thanks to my entrepreneur spirit, I finally created my own brand, Scalpers. 

Scalpers represents my own style, and a new young generation of the classic contemporary man.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and thank you for taking your time to share this experience with me.

All the best,